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Service values

Over the years, Copag has served many different companies in different industries. The scope of our reach varies from local and regional to national and global. We have worked with clients around the world and across different industries.
Each of our clients, from corporations to fast-growing start-ups receive close individual attention and fully customized solutions and services. Our essential product have a proven record of quality and efficiency in diverse industries.
Our daily interactions with our clients build our brand and help us stand out in a highly competitive market. These client service principles guide the way we work with our clients and allow us to deliver a distinctive service that is not just excellent, but that is also true to who we are.
We have a simple motivation when it comes to delivering our service to clients – being even better. It’s what drives the way we work, it’s how we measure success, and it’s why our clients come back to us and recommend us to others.
Underpinning that motivation is a common set of client service values, which are recognised across every office and across every team. These values aren’t anything new and shouldn’t come as a surprise, but they help us to articulate the client experience we want to be known for, and that we expect our employees to consistently deliver.

Quality Objectives Objectives

  • Maintaining delivery schedule
  • Perfect Gradation
  • Reducing customer complaints
  • Reducing complaints in bought out items
  • Reducing in house rejections
  • Resolving customer complaints as soon as possible
  • Maintaining delivery schedule of the supplier
  • Why Us?

    Choose us for the following reasons :

  • Incorporation of advanced technologies in the manufacturing process
  • Continuous quality enhancement
  • Wide distribution network
  • Timely delivery of products
  • Market leading prices

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    Anticorrosive Primer, Asphalt based


    Oil & Gas Field Painting & Sandblasting